Customer Warranty

Amazing Glaze warrants your work for Five (5) years from the date of application from lifting, peeling, or cracking under use.

If your work peels or cracks during the warranty period. Amazing Glaze will repair the damage at no cost to you.

Damage caused by actions other than normal use is not covered by this warranty. Such actions may include but are not limited to dropping tools on refinished surfaces during regular home repair or damage caused during other renovations in the room.

Any area that has standing water or dripping faucets will cause the coating to wear out prematurely and will not be covered by warranty.

Maintaining caulk, keeping surface free of oils and soap scum are imperative to keeping your warranty valid.

Repairs may be limited to the area affected up to a complete reglazing at the discretion of Amazing Glaze.

This warranty is void if the customer uses any cleaning product on the work other than water-based bathroom cleaners. It is void if the customer uses any abrasive cleaners on the work.

This warranty is void if the customer uses any suction-cup-type material on the work, including bath mats or bath toys with suction cups.

Amazing Glaze warranty work will never exceed the total cost of the original job. Repair Charges are 125.00 per Hour.

This Warranty is non-transferable. Only the owner of the property who has the original contract with Amazing Glaze is able to make warranty claims.

Amazing Glaze does not warranty caulk; it is a courtesy we provide free of charge. We do not take any responsibility for workmanship of installation, duration, color or discoloring, or any other issues the customer might have in regards to caulk .

Amazing Glaze has the final say on how the damage was caused.


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