Commercial Refinishing/Reglazing

Bathrooms and bathing areas receive some of the toughest wear of any room in rental homes, apartments, dorms, hotels, and nursing homes. However, a complete bath remodel is not necessary to restore the look and function of worn tubs, showers, and countertops. Commercial countertop and bath refinishing is an excellent cost-effective solution to improve the look and value of your property. Amazing Glaze proudly offers commercial tub refinishing, resurfacing, and countertop refinishing services in Washington DC.

The Refinishing Process

Commercial bath refinishing is a multi-step process that can be completed quickly. After the refinishing process is complete, the area will be ready for use in twelve hours.

  1. Preparation: Not only will your tub, shower, or countertops need to be prepared before refinishing, but the surrounding room as well. Because refinishing can be a bit messy, your bath refinishing service will take steps to cover and protect all the other surfaces in the room. In preparation for refinishing, the tub, shower, or countertop surface to be treated will be sanded down to remove the old, damaged surface and prepare the area to receive the new one.
  2. Repairs: Any cracks, scratches, or chips in the old surface will be repaired before the new finish or glazing is applied. Repairs of this kind are typically made with putty or paste, then sanded down to mesh with the surrounding surface for a smooth, consistent finish.
  3. Refinishing: Once the tub, shower, or countertop is ready for refinishing, it is coated with a primer and one or more coats of new paint or finish. Once the primer and paint have dried, a sealing coat may be applied to protect the new finish in the future. If any caulk was removed during preparation or repairs, new caulk will be applied to finish the job.

Benefits of Bath Refinishing

A refinished bathroom adds value and beauty to your commercial property. Call Amazing Glaze today at (202) 550-3025 to discuss bath refinishing in Washington DC.

  • Bath refinishing can be completed for a fraction of the cost of a full bath remodel, which can multiply quickly when considering the many bathrooms in a commercial property.
  • Bath refinishing takes less than Twenty-Four hours from start until the room is fully functional again, minimizing the time your property is not usable. A full-scale bath remodel can take weeks or even months per room, depending upon the project’s complexity.
  • If the size, shape, and orientation of your property’s tubs, showers, or countertops are perfect, why change them? Refinishing allows you to upgrade your property without changing a configuration that works.


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