• 12 Steps To Countertop & Bath Refinishing [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Are you considering bath refinishing or countertop refinishing services? Refinishing is a cost-effective way to address flaws and change the appearance of your tub and countertop without the expense of complete replacement. When it comes to bath refinishing, the process could even protect your family’s health. Many bathtubs have lead in their porcelain surfaces that is released when the surface chips. That lead is then transmitted to the bathwater—the same water that your children sit in while bathing. Countertop and bathtub refinishing is an easier and faster process than you may think. In this infographic, Amazing Glaze LLC, a company that performs bath refinishing in Washington, DC , explains the refinishing process and when you can use your bathtub and countertops again. Contact us to explore your refinishing options and to learn about our other services, including Safeway Step installation. Help your fellow homeowners learn how to extend the lives of their tubs and countertops by sharing this information with them.

    A Homeowner’s Guide to Refinishing Countertops and Bathtubs