• A Look at Commercial Bath Refinishing

    If you own or oversee an apartment complex, hotel, or nursing home, the condition of your bathtubs is a very serious concern. Tenants are more interested in renting a room (short and long term) that offers a beautiful bathroom experience. Fortunately, you can get the look and feel of a new bathroom for a fraction of the cost with bath refinishing. A bath resurfacing and remodeling contractor in Washington DC can restore the look and function of worn tubs and showers. You can even have your countertops refinished to complete the transformation.

    A Look at Commercial Bath Refinishing | Washington, DC

    Commercial bath refinishing is no different than residential bath refinishing, except the job itself is typically performed on a much larger scale. If you have commercial bathroom properties that need to be refinished, look for a company with the manpower and experience to complete the bath refinishing project in a timely manner to avoid disrupting your tenants longer than absolutely necessary.

  • A Closer Look at Countertop Refinishing

    A Closer Look at Countertop Refinishing | Washington DC You don’t have to spend thousands to change the look and feel of your kitchen. Countertop refinishing is an affordable alternative to buying new countertops that can instantly transform the style and design of your kitchen. So if you’re countertops are starting to look old, stained, or outdated get in touch with a countertop refinishing company in Washington DC to learn how you can get new-looking countertops for a fraction of the price.

    More than just giving your old countertops a fresh top coat, countertop refinishing is about restoring the beautiful and functional countertops in your kitchen. This means repairing deep scratches, cracks, and heat damage. And if your countertops are ready for a new look, Multispec can be added to give your countertops the look of stone with a slightly textured surface. Consider working with a company that also offers bathtub and sink refinishing in case you’re inspired by your new countertops to perform other home improvements.

  • Spotlight on Countertop Refinishing

    If you want to give your bathroom or kitchen a fresh look, consider upgrading your countertops. Because many people don’t have the extra cash to buy new countertops, we recommend you make your old countertops look like new with countertop refinishing. As you might guess by the name of the service, countertop refinishing restores old countertops and makes them look and feel like new. In some cases, a Washington DC countertop refinishing contractor can apply Multispec to give your countertops the look of natural stone with a slightly textured surface. In addition to the aesthetic benefits, countertop refinishing can also make your countertops easier to clean and more sanitary.

    Spotlight on Countertop Refinishing

    Contact a kitchen and bathroom countertop refinishing contractor in DC to learn how you can enjoy the look and feel of new countertops without spending nearly as much cash. All the money you save on buying new countertops can go towards the rest of your bathroom or kitchen remodeling project.

  • 12 Steps To Countertop & Bath Refinishing [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Are you considering bath refinishing or countertop refinishing services? Refinishing is a cost-effective way to address flaws and change the appearance of your tub and countertop without the expense of complete replacement. When it comes to bath refinishing, the process could even protect your family’s health. Many bathtubs have lead in their porcelain surfaces that is released when the surface chips. That lead is then transmitted to the bathwater—the same water that your children sit in while bathing. Countertop and bathtub refinishing is an easier and faster process than you may think. In this infographic, Amazing Glaze LLC, a company that performs bath refinishing in Washington, DC , explains the refinishing process and when you can use your bathtub and countertops again. Contact us to explore your refinishing options and to learn about our other services, including Safeway Step installation. Help your fellow homeowners learn how to extend the lives of their tubs and countertops by sharing this information with them.

    A Homeowner’s Guide to Refinishing Countertops and Bathtubs