What is the Safeway Step®?

Getting in and out of the bathtub is something that most people take for granted. Unfortunately, age, disability, and physical injury can make this easy everyday task quite difficult and even quite dangerous. Bath refinishing and a new anti-skid bottom can make your tub safer and easier to use, especially when used in conjunction with the Safeway Step . The Safeway Step is designed to provide an economical renovation option for people interested in safer, easier, and more comfortable bathtub access. Read on to learn more about the Safeway Step and the benefits of this innovative bath safety product.

Product Specifications
The Safeway Step creates a pass through 24 inches wide and approximately 8 inches deep. The Safeway Step comes in three sizes based on different tub rail/wall measurements, allowing this safety product to be utilized in most bathtubs. The Safeway Step is also available in multiple colors, so it can be matched to your newly refinished tub if your Washington DC bath remodeling provider is changing the color of your tub.

What is the Safeway Step®? | Washington, DC

Safeway Step Benefits
If you’re considering making safety upgrades for yourself or your family, the Safeway Step eliminates the need to rip out your existing tub. Like bath refinishing, the Safeway Step is installed in the existing tub, which saves you time and money. The Safeway Step reduces the possibilities of slip and fall injuries and provides easier access into the bath/shower area for all, especially for those who have trouble climbing over the rim to bathe or shower.

Fall Prevention
In addition to the Safeway Step, bathtub refinishing can also greatly improve tub safety and prevent slip and fall accidents, especially for seniors and individuals with a disability or mobility issues. A bath refinishing company in Washington DC can add a slip-resistant bottom to your tub in addition to providing a brand new look and feel.